Chester, Illinois - Home of Popeye

Popeye Character Trail

The Home of Popeye the Sailor Man!  Click here to learn why Chester, Illinois is the Home of Popeye.  This page is a work in progress.  As you can see, a new statue will be erected every year. The “Popeye & Friends Character Trail” is a trail in progress consisting of granite statues of Popeye characters placed in various areas throughout Chester. Popeye the Sailor Man has been overlooking the Mississippi River in Segar Park for more than 30 years. This trail will be an adventure for those seeking out all the characters from “Popeye the Sailor Man” films. Below is a picture of the characters and a map where all the characters will be placed. Also the weekend after Labor Day is the annual Popeye Picnic.   Check out Popeye and Friends on Facebook.  


In the Fall of 2006 “Wimpy” was erected at the Chester Gazebo Square with overwhelming donations which are engraved on the base of the statue.


Donations started pouring in for the next statue “Olive Oyle, Swee’ Pea and Jeep” and was unveiled during the Popeye Picnic festivities in 2007 and stands downtown near the Randolph County Courthouse – once again with donations engraved on the base.






During the 29th Annual Popeye Picnic (2008) festivities Bluto (a.k.a Brutus) was erected at the corner of Swanwick Street and W. Holmes Street near the Buena Vista Bank parking lot area.



For the 30th Annual Popeye Picnic Festival (2009) Castor Oyl and Whiffle Hen were erected at Chester Memorial Hospital after the parade. (2010)


Sea Hag & Bernard the Vulture stand near Wal-Mart and McDonalds.(2010)

Bernard and the Sea Hag

Castor Oyl

In 2011 Cole Oyl, Olive Oyl’s Father, was set to rest in front of the Chester Public Library. 





In 2012 Alice the Goon greets citizens as they drive into Chester Center, located on Lehmen Drive (Route 3 North). alice the goon

poopdeck pappy



Another statue was erected at Cohen Recreational Complex during the Popeye Picnic weekend festivities in September 2013.   Meet Poopdeck Pappy!!


In September of 2014 during the 35th Annual Popeye Picnic Festivities themed “Get An Edjamication” Professor Watasnozzle stands tall on the front lawn of the Chester High School located at 1901 Swanwick Street.
Prof statue





Rough House


2015’s statue is “Rough House” and is erected in front of Reid’s Harvest House Restaurant at 2440 State Street.  Check out the statue and get a great bite to eat!!!




Chester Community Grade School located on Opdyke Street is the resting spot on the character trail for the The “Nephews” during the 37th annual Popeye Picnic. (2016)the-nephews






Chester’s City Hall was the location in 2017 and was placed during the 38th Annual Popeye Picnic!!  King Blozo sits outside in the front yard of City Hall located at 1330 Swanwick Street. 







The next statue to arrive! (2018). Nana Oyl is located at Manor at Craig Farms, 3030 State Street, Chester.


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