Chester, Illinois - Home of Popeye

* Permanent Memorial for James Brockmeyer

Plans are underway for a permanent memorial honoring fallen Chester Police Officer James Brockmeyer.

Mayor Tom Page and City Clerk Bethany Berner have established an account to accept donations from  the community to support the development of a lasting memorial in Officer James Brockmeyer’s memory.

As you all know, James was a dedicated member of this community. A native of Chester, James served as a volunteer firefighter, served as an employee of the Gas Department, and later a Chester Police Officer.

The City of Chester is planning a memorial that will reflect and capture James’ dedication and spirit. We have had a number of community members show an interest in donating to the memorial project. Those interested in supporting this project are urged to send donations to Chester City Hall, Clerk’s Office, 1330 Swanwick Street, Chester IL. 62233 Brockmeyer Memorial Project.

Questions regarding this project may be directed to the Mayor’s Office at 618-826-5114 or the City Clerk’s Office at 618-826-2326.

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