Chester, Illinois - Home of Popeye

* Fall Leaf Pickup Begins

The City of Chester will again provide the fall leaf pick up program. These services will begin Monday, November 4th and continue throughout the end of November.   Residents need to call 826-3712 to clearly leave the address where leaves are ready to be picked up.

Leaves MUST be raked and piled within 6 feet of the curb or ditch since the large hose on the leaf vac has a limited range of extension.  Leaves that are piled farther up in yards will not be picked up by the leaf vac truck.  Residents are also reminded not to pile leaves in streets, on sidewalks, in ditches or in the gutters as rain will take them into storm sewers causing problems.  Also do not include mulched leaves, limbs or twigs within the leaves at this time as this could clog up the leaf vac truck.

During the city leaf pick up, please avoid parking vehicles on streets next to piles of leaves during city working hours.  The leaf vac will not be able to reach the piles of leaves around parked cars.

Bagged leaves will also be picked up at this time.  The city requires leaves to be bagged in the biodegradable lawn bags.  Residents need to call 826-3712 and clearly leave the address where piled leaves and bagged leaves are ready to be picked up.  A list will be made for the Maintenance workers to get to each day as time and weather permits.

The City of Chester is pleased to again provide the fall leaf pick up program and appreciates residents’ patience as workers strive to cover the entire town.  Please call 826-3712 or 826-5114 for more information.


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